This site is my contribution to building a better future. Mathematics requires precision and the ability to work with abstraction. This site is a place where children can work on mastering these skills.

It takes years to develop mastery, and mastery must be rooted in an appreciation of fundamental concepts. This site was built as a place where children can focus on their fundamentals.

A Student's degree of mastery is reflected by Belt Levels, from White Belt to Black Belt, and beyond. Future Math Ninjas now have their dojo. Progress is recognized by one point for each correct question answered. Students select how intensely they wish to train; do you train like a mouse or like a bear? Progress is more rapid if the student trains more intensely.

...becoming a Ninja takes hard work and time!

Students can select the mathematical operation they wish to work with and the range from which random numbers will be selected. Responses to division problems must be accurate to three decimal places ( for example, 0.123 ). This requires calculating to four places and then rounding as required.

Past training sessions are graded and kept so that a student can see if there are trends or areas where they need to focus.